Whether you want to transform the living space in your home or convert your garage into a dwelling unit, a room addition has plenty of benefits to offer. Making the decision to renovate a room or add another can help boost the value of your home, enhance its functionality, and allow you to tailor the end result in accordance with your own sense of style.

There are a number of different types of room addition options available, and it’s up to your needs and your budget to decide which one is right for you!

Additional Room

You can undertake the project to add an entire new room in your home, but it’s also worth it to note that a room addition can also include more than one room. While this can be a complicated process—given that there are various factors such as permits, plumbing, and electricity to consider—the end result may be well worth the time, effort, and investment.

Garage Conversion

This type of home addition entails transforming your existing garage into a new space for various purposes. It already has the electricity, HVAC, and plumbing setup installed, so it’s not too hefty a project to take on. You can make it an additional dwelling unit, or use it as a space for recreational purposes.

Bump Out

This is not an entire room addition—it merely extends the space of a particular room beyond its original boundaries. The size of a bump out may vary, but the possibilities are many. You can expand your kitchen to include a dining area, or even make your half-bath bathroom into a full one!

The Sunroom

It may seem like a bit of a luxurious affair, but a sun-room can allow you to significantly boost the value of your home, add to its aesthetics, and give you an energy-efficient space that gets a lot of natural light into your home. With large windows giving a pleasant view into the backyard and letting in air and light, this charming addition is one worth considering!

Whether you’re looking to convert your garage, add an additional dwelling unit, or simply remodel a space, you need the right contractor to get the job done with finesse.

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