Picture showing Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen trends do not change every so often. However, if you are planning to remodel your kitchen, then you should be aware of the prevailing styles. This will not only give your kitchen a fresh look, but will bring make your kitchen look trendier.

Picture showing Kitchen cabinets

The focus is often on the kitchen cabinetry, because that is what brings life into the kitchen. Here are some trends to explore and integrate into your kitchen:

In: Tuxedo Cabinets
Out: Single-Color Cabinets

Single-color cabinets do not work anymore. Since there are endless colors options when it comes to colors, why not try different color combinations and make your cabinets tuxedoes.

Tuxedo cabinets are all about using light color cabinets on the top, and a darker version of the same cabinets as base. Homeowners, who prefer white kitchen cabinets, often go for kitchen remodeling contractor Ventura County CA with white cabinets for the top and dark gray or black cabinets for the bottom, achieving that great tuxedo look. In fact, the base can go with any color, if the top of cabinets are white or any other shade white.

Pick a color that you love, so that it brings a sense of personal touch.

In: Glass Doors
Out: Solid Doors

Glass doors on cabinets are not new, but are becoming more popular for keeping cutlery. They give a fresh look to the kitchen and make it look spacious.

Glass doors cabinets are only used for top cabinets, in order to break away from the heavy look of solid cabinet doors. If you don’t want to have all glass doors on the top, then you can have just a single row of glass doors on one-side, which will achieve a much-needed break away from the pattern.

In: Shelves
Out: Closed Cabinets

If you love cooking and are aspiring to become a professional chef, then you will love this trend. Open shelves provide the functionality of a commercial kitchen constructed by commercial construction companies San Gabriel CA, something which chefs really like.

It brings everything well within reach, and makes everything always ready for preparing food.

In: Large Windows
Out: Wall Cabinets

Small windows which let hardly let any light in are something that homeowners are shying away from. In fact, homeowners now prefer to forego wall cabinets, and have large windows placed in their kitchens, giving their kitchens a fresh outside view.

This makes less clutter in the kitchen as well, and provides the kitchen a much-needed flow.

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