While the concept of tiny homes (a.k.a: accessory dwelling units) on existing residential premises may be relatively new to the people of San Gabriel, CA, these establishments have existed in other parts of the country from quite some time.

Put simply, an accessory dwelling unit is an additional living unit built on a residential property to provide homeowners with additional accommodation and a place to live in. It may either exist as part of the main house building or as a separate individual unit.

If you own a house in San Gabriel, CA and wondering why you should build an ADU on your property, here are three solid reasons that may convince you:

Generate Serious Income

This is one of the main reasons why people love ADUs. They can be used as rental units for small families to generate serious income. Considering there are plenty of families in San Gabriel looking for affordable housing solutions in this tough market, building an ADU on your property will (and should) attract plenty of tenants.

Watch The Value Of Your Real Estate Sky Rocket

ADU investments also serve to improve the value of residential properties. Houses with ADUs tend to go for significantly higher prices in the real estate market than houses without ADUs. So what you’re essentially looking here at is an investment that can benefit you both in short and long term.

In the short term, you can generate rental income and add to your wealth. In the long term, you can consolidate the value of your house and sell it for a huge price tag.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Grandparents Never Had It So Good

ADUs are also great for ageing grandparents. Old people often tend to struggle with their daily activities when living in houses that feature modern floor plans. Using the stairs can be a problem for them. Accessing the bathtub can be an issue. Hardwood floors can be a safety concern. And if you’ve got children at your home, all that noise can prevent them from sleeping. By building an ADU on your residential property, you can conveniently house your ageing parents, meanwhile making sure they remain under your care. It also keeps your parents in touch with their grandchildren.

So, are you interested in building an ADU on your residential property?

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