We are an architecture and construction firm that is geared towards providing clients with innovative design and solutions, collaborating with them all the way from the initial planning of the project to the actual construction and renovation.

At BSD Construction, we put emphasis on the fact that we are essentially “architects that build”—our process involves design and construction that is led by skillful architects.

Founded in 1980, BSD Construction has over three decades of expertise, as well as a consistent commitment towards always ensuring client satisfaction since its inception. The needs of the client are top priority—their vision for the project, their standard of quality, as well as the constraints of their budget, all of these are things we take into account when embarking on a job.

We work to ensure that not just every project is completed with quality work to show for it, but is always on schedule. Meeting our clients goals is essential, but not without the kind of quality assurance that we can guarantee! Our meticulous attention to the kind of work we provide our clients is critical to our success as a business—you can’t give value to a project and have it be a worthy investment for the client without upholding to a stringent standard of quality.

Design and Construction Services for Van Nuys Residents!

We offer a number of top tier services, including but not limited to: construction management, construction services, architecture and design, project feasibility, project cost analysis and estimation, customized cabinetry and woodworking, and master planning.

We take care of everything from the big picture to all the little details. Going into specifics, our services include handy applications such as A.C. Installation, roofing construction and repair, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, deck and patio design and construction, garage conversion, room additions, and more!

If you’re interested in hiring us, get in touch with us and we can set up a consultation. With BSD Construction, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be getting your money’s worth!

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