Excellence in Garage Remodeling and Renovation

BSD Construction offers residential and commercial garage building services in Van Nuys. We understand the significance of well-designed garage. It’s where you park your car, store extra things, or just hang out! Updating your garage can create more space and increase your home’s value.

Whether you want to build a brand new garage from the ground up or update your existing garage, we can help you create the perfect garage. Keep in mind, we adhere to all the legal regulations during construction.

When a garage is demolished, in conjunction with the building of a second dwelling unit, the replacement garage space may be located in any configuration on the same lot as the unit. This includes, but is not limited to, uncovered spaces and tandem spaces. Every property, including residential and commercial, is unique. We offer clients customized remodeling and renovation solutions that fits their particular aesthetic, functional and pricing needs.

We provide you with several design, layout and color choices for your garage, within your budget. If you don’t have a budget, we can perform a complete cost analysis of your project to help you determine your budget. From setting your budget to planning the project and choosing quality materials for your garage, we are available every step of the way. Moreover, we make sure our garage conversion services are in line with building regulations in your neighborhood!

We deliver what we promise

Our trained, dedicated designers and builders treat your garage as their own. Not only do they manage all aspects of the project, but they also utilize the latest and most advanced equipment and tools to ensure the creation of attractive, functional garages. They also stay up-to-date with the latest garage construction styles and trends.

From garage doors and windows to flooring, we use the finest quality products from the best manufacturers to ensure efficient and seamless operations.

We always strive to meet project deadline. After evaluating the scope and complexity of a project, they provide clients a realistic project completion schedule.

With the aim of becoming your go-to garage remodeling contractors, we deliver what we promise. You can depend on our prompt, professional service to modernize your garage in no time.

Contact us at (562) 372-0926 to learn more about our garage conversion services. We never compromise on quality and guarantee complete customer satisfaction. You will not be disappointed with our impeccable solutions.

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