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Are you dreaming of upgrading your Kitchen Remodeling Ventura County CA? The kitchen cabinets should be the first to start with.

Taking up majority of the visual space in the kitchen, just switching up the look of your cabinets can transform how your whole kitchen looks.

Painting your cabinets to a new color is a cost-effective way of refreshing your kitchen’s look.

Choosing a color that works well with the rest of the décor and a color that you yourself like is important. Here are a few tips to help you get started!

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Consider the Cabinet Style

Keeping the style of your cabinets as well as your overall kitchen aesthetics can help you in deciding which color palette you should go for. If you have a more traditional kitchen style, classic colors like whites and creams will gel well with your kitchen’s color scheme. If you have a more modern kitchen layout, you can choose from a wide array of color. Red? Yellow? Green? All of them can work in a modern kitchen!

The Size

An important thing to consider before you begin is the size of your kitchen is. Do you have a relatively big kitchen or a smaller one? Is the kitchen area well-lit, or is it a bit confined? Choose your cabinet colors wisely as they can open up or cramp down a kitchen. A dark and cramped kitchen will look more spacious with lighten color cabinets, while dark cabinets will suit an open kitchen more.

Consider Resale

Are you planning on putting up the house for sale in the near future? It is better to avoid remodeling designs that are quirky and catering to our individual taste. Stick to safer neutral colors as they can appeal to a bigger audience.

Picture shoiwng commercial construction companies San Gabriel CA

A Rainbow of Colors

Okay, not exactly a rainbow, but you can get playful with your color palette! You can create a bold and impactful style by using more than one color. You can either use a bold and a neutral color to contrast the cabinets or you can add a punch of color by using a mixture of bold colors.

Wood Staining

If you have quality wood kitchen cabinetry, the idea of painting over it may seem like a terrible idea. However, if you still want to add a pop of color to your kitchen, you can have the wood stained rather than painted. This way, you’ll still be preserving the beauty of the wood and adding some color to your kitchen design.

Multiple Shades of a Single Color

Are neutral colors too dull for you, yet you’re still a bit hesitant about trying bolder colors? You can find middle ground by using a single hue with varying shades, you can use darker shades for the lower cabinet and lighter shades for the upper ones (and vice versa). This also adds visual depth to the kitchen.

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