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Rewind your clocks back a few decades and you’d see that kitchens were a lot less functional—simply used for meal preparation and utensil cleanups. In the 21st century however, the kitchen is considered perhaps the most important room in the house. While before it was a hidden part of the house, now, it’s present at the very center, bringing people together. With the passing of time, kitchen design has changed greatly, with the biggest change brought about by the introduction of open-style kitchens. So what are the current trends in kitchen design for kitchen remodeling Los Angeles County?

Picture showing kitchen remodeling contractor Los Angeles County

Smart Kitchens

With the Internet of Things revolution, an all new set of smart kitchen devices have arrived on the market. Where in previous kitchens smart devices were added for convenience, modern kitchens are designed and built to be smart from the beginning. Smart refrigerators, faucets, lighting and more are becoming increasingly popular for the amount of convenience they offer.

Custom Cabinetry

Efficient utilization of space is the mark of an effective kitchen design. Storage solutions that are either too small for your big items or too big to effectively organize are a true annoyance. With the use of custom cabinetry, you can make short work of storage shortage and moving forward in 2018 kitchens will see a lot of new options when it comes to effective kitchen cabinetry.

Countertop King

We’ve talked about devices, we’ve talked about storage, what about countertops? Well in that department there is no change; quartz is still the unchallenged countertop king. However in that material there has been a shift as manufacturers introduced more patterns and colors to choose from and these days more and more people are opting for realistic patterns in neutral colors.

Hardwood vs. Ceramic

When it comes to flooring, Hardwood is still on top when it comes to high end kitchens. But Ceramic is making a comeback thanks to technological advances allowing for ceramic flooring in a large variety of designs and sizes.


White is timeless, it should go without saying. And even in 2018 white is still dominating as the color of choice for cabinets, with grey being a second choice for many people. There is still an upcoming trend of dark tones for cabinet colors such as black, green, plum etc.

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