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When it comes to having a healthy building infrastructure, the roof is by far the most important component of a building, second only to its foundation, the reason we recommend roofing contractors Ventura County CA. Roof damage, when allowed to occur and subsequently left unchecked can have significant financial impact later in the building’s lifecycle. That is why being aware of the common causes of roof damage and how roof damage may be avoided is so important. A well cared roof will last longer, and in turn the building will last longer and maintain its value as well. Without further ado, here are the causes of roof damage you should know about.

Commercial Roofing Contractors Ventura County CA

Greenery Degradation

Tree branches falling on roofs are one of the most common causes of roof damage. These branches snap because of weather conditions such as wind, ice or snow, or deterioration in the tree’s health. Debris falling from these branches on to rooftops can also cause problems. The best solution is to just keep the greenery around your building well trimmed so your building roof isn’t under any branches.


Depending on geographical location, there may or may not be all sorts of animals in the area that can cause damage to your roof as they attack roof shingles and vents in an attempt to get inside. Inspect your roof regularly and make sure to keep an eye out for signs of wildlife damage. If you spot any animals, take precautionary steps to keep them away from your roof.


Another leading cause of roof damage, weather damage is a broad category that includes ice, wind, snow and sunshine based damage. UV radiation from sunlight, shingles damage from the refreezing of melted snow, roof material weakening due to high powered wind—all these directly affect the roof’s life by weakening it and paving the way for further damage by other causes.

Gutter Damage

Gutters are the roof component responsible for redirecting water away from the roof and building so if due to improper installation, clogging, damage, or otherwise inability to work, gutters not working will cause water buildup on the roof. Roof style and construction quality are both factors that will limit the damage caused by this water buildup.

Contractor Experience

Any roof installations should be performed by experienced contractors like roofing contractors Ventura County CA. Proper installation directly correlates to longevity and therefore building security. Employ an inexperienced contractor and you can be sure to have problems down the line that bring down your property’s value.

roofing contractors Ventura County CA

Most of the problems described above can be resolved through regular inspection of the building’s roof and maintenance. For readers in California looking for a roofing contractors San Gabriel CA, BSD Construction has you covered for any and all roofing needs.

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