Seismic Retrofitting Befitting a Sturdy Structure

Experts have warned of a mega earthquake in California by the year 2037, with there being a 99.7% chance of a quake amounting to 6.7 on the rector scale or larger hitting the state in the 30 years to come. Los Angeles is no stranger to turbulent weather, and earthquakes while rare often find their tectonic ways towards the county.


How do you protect your building in prior preparation for such an event?


Even if there was no forecast of a quake in the coming 30 years, you should be on your guard against underground shifts. Making your house or office sturdier and more resilient to turbulences should be the number one priority among builders and home owners. In the Los Angeles County, the concern should be higher due to strong winds and flooding. A great and foolproof way to make your building immune to tumultuous weather and shocks is seismic retrofitting, which helps give extra support to its existing structure.


BSD Construction does so by focusing on detecting weaknesses in the structure and strengthening them, particularly in roof to wall connections and diaphragms. Seismic retrofitting can help build homes, commercial buildings, skyscrapers, bridges, dams, and all sorts of buildings. Different kinds of buildings require different kinds of a seismic retrofit, and all produce the same great results: the threats of injury and damming lawsuits are reduced, the building is insured for earthquakes, the insurance rates are bound to increase, there is an increased likelihood of tenants, and the value of the building hikes out of the ballpark.


With seismic retrofitting, you aren’t just opting for extra support for your building but are actually getting extra support for the overall construction and value of your house. With our experienced personnel delivering the work, you can expect a masterful seismic retrofit in good time.


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