Accessory dwelling units refer to living spaces apart from the space covered by a home. They are known by several other names like mother-in-law apartments and granny flats and are usually built above garages.

But what makes ADUs such great additions to homes:


The first thing that you should know about ADUs is that they are not like a tree house. These are real homes that cannot be constructed without a proper permit and investment.

For most homeowners, ADUs serve as the perfect opportunities to increase the value of their properties. On the other hand, many people have them constructed in order to provide housing for their parents or young children.

What makes them so great is that ADUs provide homeowners with flexible space that can be used in an endless range of ways. They can also lease out the unit and make money through rent.  However, these are not the only benefits of ADUs.

Why You Should Care About ADU?

ADUs are based on a simple concept known as distributed housing. As stated earlier, they allow you to maximize the property’s value and help reduce green house emissions since they are often powered by renewable energy sources. But that’s not all.

ADUs also make for affordable housing options for students and low income individuals and families. This is a major benefit for real estate investors who can use them as a part of their asset building strategy.

Suppose you have adult children who are struggling to find a place to live. They can live in the ADU until they find a place of their and you can also charge rent.

Not only is it an effective tactic, which helps them save money, it also keeps the family closer. Moreover, the additional living space can also be used for guests.

There are several other ways in which you can use the ADU, for example, you can convert it into a painting studio, writing space, gym or a meditation room.

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