For Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Looking to get your commercial or residential property fitted with a solar energy system? Our solar services are your best bet for the job!

BSD Construction provides optimal designs specifically for your solar system installation. Our solar system solutions comply with legal rules and regulations in Van Nuys. Before installing a solar panel at your home or office, we seek a legal permit from the local authority.

From initial design to panel installation, we provide complete service to ensure client satisfaction. With an aim to offer clients swift, smooth and seamless service, we use the most advanced techniques, equipment and tools to set up solar panels in an efficient, quick and safe manner.

Regardless of size of property, we can install solar panels anywhere. We offer clients a variety of solar panel options to choose from. Each panel comes from reputable manufacturers and offers warranties.

Quality Solar Service to Suit Your Energy Needs

We aim to offer clients quality solar systems that suits their energy needs at the best value. Our qualified, experienced solar panel installation team carefully plans and organizes the entire process. From project feasibility to project analysis and initial design, you can count on them to install a solar panel at your property.

When it comes to determining the best location for solar panels, we consider some factors, such as the size, shape of your roof, and more.

Our team will measure your house roof before installing the panel. Thereafter, we will offer you a preliminary design, based on your specific energy needs and goals. Most importantly, we will discuss your financing options to ensure our solar service meets your budget.

You can expect a visit from our technical team after consultation. They will inspect the condition and size of your roof and then prepare a customized solar panel installation plan. Please discuss your installation budget and timeline at the start of the project. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our technical team.

Client confidentiality and privacy is important to us. Our staff protects each client’s project confidentiality. From start to end, they strive to deliver quick, efficient and hassle-free solar installation.

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