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Quite often, your wish to remodel the kitchen just comes out of nowhere.

One day you’re fine with your dull white cabinets and raised panels, but a quick look through a home improvement magazine or a visit to your neighbor’s newly renovated house by kitchen remodeling contractor Los Angeles County will suddenly have you hankering after recessed panels and oak cabinets.

You just can’t look at your kitchen the same way anymore.

picture showing Ventura County CA construction services

When it comes to sprucing up the look of your cabinets, you have two popular options: replace or reface. Let’s compare the two to see which one’s the better option for you.

What is it? 

Replace: Replacing obviously involves removing existing cabinets and replacing them with newer ones. Professional installers are required to set and accurately level the base cabinets. The task is critical because bases that have been improperly leveled can crack over the years. Wall cabinets need to be hung properly and doors and other hardware installed.

Reface: Refacing your kitchen cabinets involves two important tasks: 1) installing new cabinet drawer faces plus doors and 2) veneering the cabinet boxes. New cabinet fixtures are also installed to give the cabinets an updated look. If the cabinets are in really bad conditions, a replacement is generally required.

Can it be DIY-Ed?

Replace: Cabinet replacement requires heavy lifting of wall cabinet doors and precisely leveling the base cabinets. It is always better to hire a professional kitchen remodeling contractor Los Angeles County to do the job than to do it yourself.

Reface: Doing cabinet refacing on your own can be a difficult task. It requires the know-how of methods, techniques and tool operation that a lot of DIYers don’t know.

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What are the Costs?

Replace: Cabinet replacement is a bit on the costlier side and can set you back anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 for standard, budget cabinets.

Reface: Refacing usually costs less than replacing the entire kitchen cabinets, around 40-50% less at the most. You can expect up to $10,000 for refacing costs.

Recommended – When?


  • When you have a new house constructed or are completely remodeling your entire kitchen, or building an additional kitchen in your house.
  • If you’re planning a new kitchen layout.
  • When the cabinet door, drawers, and boxes are in really bad shape.


  • When there is not enough damage to the cabinet boxes that requires an overhaul.
  • When you’re doing it on a budget and cost might be an issue.
  • If you’re just remodeling, as opposed to constructing a new house.
  • When you’re not planning on making any changes to the kitchen layout.

These pros and cons can give you enough of an idea of what you should go for. But if you’re still unsure, contact us at BSD Construction for more kitchen remodeling advice. We’re Los Angeles County construction company and provide quality remodeling services.

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