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The look of a recently remodeled kitchen can spruce up the appearance of the entire house. It can highly increase the value of your property, and many people realize this fact which is why kitchen remodeling van nuys is amongst the most popular remodeling projects.

So, whether you’re simply planning on updating the look of your house, or you’re planning on selling it soon, these top kitchen remodeling trends for 2018 are what you should be keeping in mind.

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Open Shelving

A spacious and more open kitchen is the order of the day. Although open shelving has been around for a while, it has recently come back into vogue once again. The good thing about open shelves is that they allow you to have on display your most eye-catching decorative crockery and glassware, instead of just having them stowed away, out of sight, in a dark cabinet. Kitchen remodeling van nuys can also make the kitchen look more open, clean, and neat.

Two-Toned Cabinets after Kitchen Remodeling

Always torn between two final colors and can’t decide which one to finalize? Well now you don’t have to! Two-toned cabinets are in style right not, so you can have the best of both world. But remember, do color coordinate and not mismatch!

Quartz Countertops

The reign of granite as your go-to countertop material is over; quartz has taken over. It offers way more flexibility than granite since it is engineered. Homeowners can customize the look they want according to their taste. Plus, it is also more durable and offers a cleaner look.

Picture showing kitchen remodeling van nuys

Dark Floors

Dark flooring can have an instant cozying effect on a kitchen. Darker colors also look more elegant. Be sure to contrast with light-colored cabinets!

Open Layouts

This remodeling trend will require a lot of tearing apart of walls. Although open kitchen layouts have been on the scene for a while now, they’re absolutely trending in 2018. It offers a casual and laidback feel to the kitchen, making it a good spot to enjoy family dinners. Fewer walls mean more people around to prepare the meal and enjoy it together.

Smarter Storage Solutions

Gone are the times of cramped kitchen storage spaces where you have to stuff all your crockery in limited drawers and cabinets. 2018 has brought smarter storage options to the table. Things like, sliding shelves, deep drawer, appliance garages, and Lazy Susans are making storage much easier.

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